Hot Take: Tiennamen Square Anniversary (How to Respond)

It was a tragedy.

It was a tragedy that Western powers saw the protestors as pawns they could use in their geopolitical games, and tried to turn them against their own revolutionary government.

People died unquestionably on both sides, the CCP estimates around 200-300 total deaths, with some sources estimating around half were PLA soldiers.

I personally will mourn the dead, both protestors and PLA soldiers killed in a conflict that shouldn't have happened, but it did, and many experts agree that without the clamp down China could have devolved into more serious chaos which would have been undoubtedly worse in terms of bloodshed and destabilization of the revolution.

Remember, revolution is struggle – violent struggle, and our enemies will do their best to turn our friends, family, and comrades against us. We need to accept that and plan for when it happens. We should be educating ourselves and each other creating systems of communication, propaganda, mutual support, and parallel governance structures to minimize this from happening again in the future.

As revolutionaries, we understand the value of human life, which is exactly why we're revolutionaries!

I don't think it is appropriate to joke about the deaths that occurred that day, I"m happy to debate this if you wish.

My final point is that the best way we can honour the dead is to NOT ALLOW THE WEST TO USE THEIR DEATHS TO DEFEND IMPERIALISM.

We need to provide an accurate and honest analysis of what happened wherever and whenever we can to ensure that these people's deaths aren't used as propaganda against the CCP or the PRC.

Fight on comrades, it won't be easy but it will be right.

Please feel free to post any sources, information, or content we can use to counter the propaganda we can expect to see over the next few days.

Sources to start us off.




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