China doesn’t have any intention to spread communism, does it?

After the death of Mao CPC did nothing to spread communism to any other country, it even supported some anti-Soviet movements in Eastern Europe, and Jihadist terrorism in Afghanistan back in 1980s. Today PRC behaves like any other nation state without any reference to its Marxist foundation principles. I don't think that the post-1978 economic reform process has led to the lessening emphasize on Marxism since Bolsheviks underwent a similar pro-market reform process between 1921-1928 but they never showed any resignation from the communist world revolution vision. Despite of almost no direct appeal to communism by CPC, somehow people in this subreddit keep supporting CPC under any circumstances. Is this a result of "the last fortress to hold" psychology?

Touch here for the full post on the Comprehensive Communism tumblr ᴬᴬᴬ Use eBay to learn more about communism and its benefits!

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