How should I avoid scaring away potential comrades? And How Should I Answer Their Questions About Who they Should Vote For?

I'm an American Marxist and as of lately, many people in my area have started becoming dissillusioned with Bourgeois Democracy and the current state of Capitalism. These sentiments have been brewing here in America for a while, and with these protests occuring and how the American government here seemingly does not care about the working class, many people I know have taken an interest in radical left-wing politics. Whenever I speak to individuals and friends of mine regarding politics, I tend to focus a lot on how our economics affects our environment and how the Bourgeoisie have the American government structured entirely in their favour. When I use social media, I do the same thing, and I speak a lot about how the US is essentially a Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie and how every US president is a war criminal (and class traitor), and someone actually did respond to me, and they asked me, "Who should I vote for?" and "What should I do?". I do not know how to respond to these questions comrades. I can very much tell these people are interested in Working Class politics, and I really want to keep them interested.

Also I'm sorry if this is a weird question to ask, I'm a comrade who is still learning, and I'm also new to posting on this subreddit so I'm unsure of how I should ask this question. Last but not least, thank you Comrades 🙂

Touch here for the full post on the Comprehensive Communism tumblr ᴬᴬᴬ Use eBay to learn more about communism and its benefits!

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