The Hyper-Focus on past experiments

Hello, I don’t post often but I though a discussion on this topic would be interesting. Anyway, I believe that we as Marxists, and our political adversaries as reactionaries, spend way too much time discussing past socialist experiments, defending them, and critiquing them. Obviously, understanding the past in very important, but in my opinion there comes a point in which a more relevant discussion would be to focus on what WE want our socialist experiment to look like, rather than spending time trying to defend places like the USSR, which doesn’t even exist anymore. Furthermore, I’d like to add that when reactionaries try to speak against communism by bringing up past revolutions, they are essentially derailing the conversation to whether or not a place like the USSR was successful instead of keeping the topic on whether or not we would be successful with a modern socialist society, by bringing up pointless things like “Stalin killed so many people” or “Mao was a horrible person” they are essentially dismissing the notion that we could have a successful communist society based on the actions (or supposed actions) of a few individuals from the past, and in doing this, they reveal that their intentions aren’t genuine and by falling into the trap, we too allow the conversation to be hyper-focused on the past rather than the future.

By spending so much time defending the past communists, we lose time we could be discussing what we want and instead discuss what past communists wanted. In this, why may inadvertently give people the idea that we want what they are describing to us. I’m not condemning what past communists did, in fact, I am an ardent defender of past comrades, as propaganda paints false pictures of them. I just believe that we should all, as communists, spend more time discussing the future we want to implement rather than the past as it was implemented before, because no two communists have ever had the same results from their respective experiments. I’d enjoy some further discussion on what all of you think of this, it’s just something I had on my mind today

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