How to reach a good compromise between privacy and security on the one hand (especially in terms of online activity), and ability to reach the masses on the other?

The most 'secure' route would probably be to disconnect oneself from the Internet entirely, though, as you may have realized, this also has its problems – especially in terms of platforms and the people we can reach, as well as having access to a bunch of educational material on Marxism (which I recommend we all archive in case it gets wiped off the Internet as is already being done on a small-scale), ability to keep updated through the news and social media, etc.

Being on Reddit itself, along with Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever – searching up Marxist literature and such – they're all inherently security and privacy risks and depending on how 'online' you are, and how lacking in caution you are, can absolutely come back to bite you in the future.

So what's y'all's advice or general take on this?

Touch here for the full post on the Comprehensive Communism tumblr ᴬᴬᴬ Use eBay to learn more about communism and its benefits!

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