Could Marxism-Leninism be applied to the imperialist core?

I've recently began reading alot of Mao after having read many of Marx/Engel and Lenin's work. I'm reading what is red political power in China and comrade Mao writes of how it's organization is something wholly unique due to China's global and economic position from it's backward economy and used by the imperialist powers, he mentions that what is going on in China would not be applicable to the imperialist or imperial colony, but only a semi colony like China.

Russia itself was half backward with a large peasant population mixed with industrialized cities. Most revolutions have been Marxist-Leninist. I've heard that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism represents the most advanced theoretically. What I'm asking is if there's ever been a theory tested and applied to the imperialist core?

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