A quick reminder about hate speech in the light of recent events (PLEASE READ)

r/ChapoTrapHouse and r/MoreTankieChapo have both been banned by the Reddit admins, and we're probably not far behind, but we want to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. In the past few months there has been an noticeable upsurge in what would be classified as "hate speech" on this subreddit, namely wishing death upon right-wing politicians affected by Coronavirus such as Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro and Jeanine Anez, as well as the usual stuff like "kulaks deserved worse", "landlords deserved worse", "gusanos deserved worse" etc. Obviously the admins don't actually care about this stuff and are simply looking for any excuse to purge communists from Reddit entirely, but nonetheless the mods of r/communism would like to reiterate that comments which call for killing people will be removed and you will be banned for posting them, let's not make the same mistakes.

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Why do communists here defend China? Is it even socialist?

China has 100 billionaires in their allegedly Communist Party. The country produces billionaires at a faster rate than any other country. There are suicide nets outside of some of the factories. It seems to me like there is no sign of anything close to socialism in China, yet people on here constantly defend them. Why?

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genuine thoughts on Stalinism

Ive heard many takes on the idea of Stalinism and Stalinists like that it is just war communism, that it reflects the cult of personality surrounding him, or the idea that he created a russian nationalist idea of communism. I personally sometimes call myself a Stalinist or a tankie, because I've read a quite bit of literature from stalin and other ml revolutionaries and think that stalin did some pretty great things within the ussr. Often these labels get put on ML's (like myself) which are often the people who ironically call them but i feel like they dont actually have any basis in reality.

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Reminder before we get purged

It's no surprise that the bourgeois wants us gone. Recently Reddit changed it's policy regarding instigating violence online ,so it of course banned the infamous TD, Chapotraphouse and now recently Moretankiechapo. Now of course the liberals will hide behind centrism (need to clean both extremes) but we all know they are after the left. Soon /r/fullcommunism, and then we might be gone as well together with /r/sino and pretty much the entire left even /r/latestagecapitalism (since it's not advertiser friendly), turning the entirety of Reddit into junk liberal noise.

Now this is not by accident, it's quite clear since the "Russian meddling" campaign that the big tech porkies have been conspiring to silence the left and anti-imperialist activists. It's well known that twitter is censoring Venezuelan and Iranian accounts and whatnot, basically anyone with 100 followers is nuked instantly so that is liberal democracy free speech for you.

They are preparing for a cold war and a crisis for capitalism and they pretty much want to ride it out smoothly this time, they dont want the mass mobilization of the 30's, they want stability, and with the level of control modern tech gives them they might achieve this. So the entire internet will be purged from any serious political discussions, limiting the internet to be a degenerate mass consumerist TV 2.0, limiting speech to only discuss degenerate stuff like what porn you watched yesterday and what fast food you like. The ultimate capitalist wet dream to turn the human into a cattle that just consumes and works and doesnt have any disobedient thoughts (if I would not hate Orwell I would use that term). So given that social media is already 99% noise like full of cat pictures and meaningless liberal drama, that is what you will get, advertiser friendly mass consumerist liberal degeneracy.

This means that the left must organize outside the system just as before. I am sorry but there is no way around this. I love you all comrades but we really can't really do anything for eachother online other than smaller gestures, sure we can have online discussion groups and help eachother out with whatever we can digitally, but this idea that the entire humanity will revolt through the internet is a liberal/anarchist fantasy. The bourgeois controls all of it, and although we have to use it in a limited way to enhance ourselves (since we can't limit ourselves to 1917 tactics) you can't rely on the internet entirely. Now I am aware of lemmy.ml and everyone should sign up there, but what if they DOS that site, or just ban it's hoster? There is really no way to challenge capital directly, they have too much power.

This just means that all organization has to start locally. Organize locally, talk to your friend, neighbors, colleagues, and socialism has to be built from below, which means Socialism in 1 Country. Yes Stalin was correct, it is assymetrical, you can't have a revolution all the time everywhere, it will be dialectical with throughts and crests, it will win in one place and then you have to work to strenghten socialism there, and then after the majority or all countries have secured socialism, then and other then we can transition to communism. Its a dialectical move and it cant be attained immediately and in many places it will fail as well, it's scientific and experimental, and experiments can fail, but this should not be seen as discouragement but as a learning book to learn from.

So we are entering in a new era of class struggle and every worker should focus on their own local,national and international (through international solidairity) issues, because the hegemonic powers will try to divide us and it would be very important to have a local power base to be able to reject than instead of a few small voices drowned out by liberal noise. I think Mao's tactics were pretty wise, to concentrate your force in one place and then move from one place to the other as you win, instead of doing an all-out assault on capitalism (like in 1917). This is how I think working class organization for the 21 century would look like, in any case praxis will tell what works and what doesnt. We are entering in a new era of class struggle and every communist should prepare for this accordingly!

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